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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  October 22, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> good evening, i'm will thomas. thanks for joining us at 6. a local taxi cab driver is dead after a doomed ride in night. police say someone, possibly a passenger, shot and killed him in his own car on palm street and anacostia avenue in northeast. john henrehan has been working the story for us. what do you know? >> reporter: the shooting took place inside the d.c. border and close, it was the prince georges county cab driver who
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was killed. the neighborhood is called eastland gard knows. it lays between the aquatic gardens. dozens of service men and women spent the morning cleaning up part of the parkland. they saw at the corner of paups street in anacostia avenue, a prince georges county-based taxi cab that appeared to have quickly backed up over the curb ending up inside the park. minutes before 4:00 a.m., shocks rang out here. it appeared that two bullets struck the front windshield of the cab. the responding officers found an adult male driver unconscious with no since of life and pronounced dead. police say the apparent motive was robbery. the 67-year-old bo has driven taxis in prince georges county for 30 years and is fattallistic about the danger of driving a cab. >> there is not much you can do. when your time's up, your time's up. >> uck pull in the bulletproof
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barrier between the front and back. >> it's too uncomfortable. there is no room in the front or in the back and i am just too big, really, to have thatplexi glass divider. >> reporter: after the shooting of the maryland tag driver, d.c. police posted a lookout for a suspect, a dark- complected black man with a slim build wearing a jacket and blue jeeps. at this point, d.c. police have not identified the slain cab driver and again, they believe robbery was the motive. a nurse at a state mental hospital saw no since of trouble when she checked on patients. 30 minutes later, one of the men was dead. the 22-year-old david niola was found beaten and bleeding on the floor of his room in jessup, maryland. his roommate is charged.
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he reportedly came out of the room and asked for help after killing him. he is in the facility because he murdered his psychiatrist back in 2006. >> friends of maryland boy who disappeared and was later found dead remembered him today at their teen football game. this was the first game for the germantown panthers since 11- year-old william mcclain 'sd abouty was found. the team's helmets had a photo of the boy today. his stepfather curtis lopez is charged. a firefighter has been found dead inside the fire house where he worked in fairfax. 49-year-old horace pendergraft was discovered in the fire house. he was with the fire department for more than 20 years. his death is under investigation but investigators say that it doesn't appear to be suspicious. you may know him as a public figure for peaceaholics. how, he wants you ton him as a civil rights -- to know him as a civil rights republican and a
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candidate to represent ward 7. he announced he's running to replace yvette alexand or the d.c. city council. he chose this historic cemetery because it's the resting place for a number of significant african-american republicans in d.c. history like miss sipy republican senator blanche bruce and he chose to run as a republican because ward 7 has not been helped, he said, for decades by dells. >> we stand here today not to bury anyone butno toresurrect the truth as we see the future of the ward 7. >> he used the cemetery in part as a symbol of the effects of time and neglect on the community and the effect of a small group of dedicated people who want to turn it around and we contacted councilwoman alexander today and she had no comment on mouton's campaign. the heir to the saudi arabian throne die dyed in new
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york city. the -- died in new york city. the ruling monarchy has to name a new prince. he was 85 years ole and suffering from colon cancer. the king of squad saudi arabia is two years older and there is pressure to replace the crown prince. he may leave that up to a council. a saudi plane will take the body from jfk airport back home. and president obama commented on the sultan's death saying he was a strong supporter of the deep&enduring partnership between our two countries and on behalf of the american people, i extend my deepest condolences to king abdullah, the royal family, and the people of saudi arabia. and libya's new leaders are preparing to declare liberation tomorrow while thousands spent their saturday in line to see the body of the former dictator and we want to warn you some of the footage is graphic. here's more from libya tonight. >> i a very, very bizarre scene -- >> a very, very bizarre scene. these men and children lining up to go inside this meat
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locker and cold storm room to see the man, the dictator who ruled them for decades. moammar ghadafi and his son laid aught on a dirty mattress on the floor inside the storm room after being killed on thursday. the people are saying god is great. >> this is the end of this. he ruled us for 42 years and now he's laying here like a mad dog inform oop happy to see that ghadafi is dead. this is the feeling of the libyan people. >> reporter: that have been fighting the regime the past few -- past few months and are pleased with what they see. they're satisfied their country is now liberated. they have the proof. as for any further autopsy, authorities tell us no, four doctors have looked am hi -- at him and decided they know the cause of death, the bullet wound to the head and to the mid-section. as for cooperation with the united nations, some people said it was a summary execution of ghadafi. no, they say, it was the heat
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of the battle and as for a funeral and burial for him, they are choosing that spot soon and it will be a secret place. they don't want it to turn into a shrine. greg palkot, fox news. >> and. >> whenil -- mean while, libya's interim prime minister wants the country to held an -- hold an election the next few months. and government officials said today the u.s. will continue to support iraq even after the end of the year when troops leave. hillary clinton gave an address saying americans are standing by iraqis as they move toward democracy and warned iraq's neighbors not to entire fore and the president warned yesterday the war in iraq will end by the end of the year. >> and several republican presidential candidates are in
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iowa tonight and mitt romney is not in the state. he's pulling in to that second spot there and part of the reason for the campaign descending on the hawkeye state. >> reporter: tonight in iowa, almost all of the republican candidates for president are going to get together for the iowa faith and freedom coalition forum in des moines. before they do, herman cain, who won last night's western republican leadership conference straw poll in vegas is trying to explain to the state's social conservative when he said he was pro-choice, he meant he is pro-life. if he is president, anyone wanting an abortion will have to commit a crime to get one. >> abortion shouldn't be legal. that is clear. if that -- that is not the decision to make the law, that is the family's decision. that is all i'm trying to say. >> on the economic side, governor rick perry thinks his flat tax is more attractive than cain's 9-9-9 plan. he's in iowa, too, campaigning
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and hunting. he's been a past supporter of congresswoman michele bachmann, who is working hard this weekend herself to shoot down rumors her entire new hampshire staff jumped sit had ship. the coms director did quit and so did caroline gilger. we didn't know yesterday because they never talked to us and just went to the press. we have between 3 and five staff. we understand they want to campaign and work more but we're spend ourselves time and efforts in iowa and camping out until the caucuses. and there is 4% support in that state. developing rich has 8, paul, 12; romney is in the in iowa and has 27% and cain, who is 10 ahead of that with 37%? in washington, peter ducey, fox news. supporters of gabrielle giffords will be happy to hear this one.
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some of here tim -- her team's behavior has analysts believing she's going to make a comeback. >> and will ferrell, his real mission in d.c. coming up. and a vocally challenged gwen. >> and some throat problems going o. nonetheless, some sunshine in the forecast. i will have the details and a look at the five-day later. >> you sound good to me. we're back in 90 secs. stay with us. h us. 
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>> well, it could be the ultimate comeback. arizona sources tell fox news that gabrielle giffords might be running for re-elect. the capitol times newspaper is another one reporting on this saying her campaign is spending a lot more money than usual and hired consultants. the congresswoman hasn't given an intension to run since being shot last january. some of her advisors are encouraging a former surgeon general to run for her seat. the occupy d.c. group went online to ask for help to stay warm. the group is asking twitter followers to donate blankets, sleeping bags, tents and warm clothing for protestors and they want them now. the group demonstrated in front of a local wells fargo bank before marching down 49th street back to mcpherson square. the group plans to camp there for several more months. chicago occupiers protesting another issue and they have a problem with grant parka curfew forcing them to go
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home at 11:00 at night and this affects their ability to occupy the city. they're petitioning the city mayor to left the curfew and ask them for help with protests. >> freedom of speech shouldn't have a curfew. >> i would compare this to asking to go to a party and mom and dad make you g. you can't show up at 2 in the morning and say it's not fair, the party was good and i wanted to stay longer. the curfew was set there for a reason. >> and since the curfew was put in place before the occupy movement started. and keep your eyes open for will ferrell. he's in town to receive the mark twain award at the kennedy center tomorrow night and this is him yesterday, bringing the humor to the white house posing with the pyrotechnic. he's the 49th resip -- with the press secretary. he's the 49th recipient -- fourteenth recipient. some friends will be there to
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pay tribute. they covered that last year, i think tina fey was the recipient. a great event. >> a southern pastor is facing legal action and does not care one bit. a battle over prayer in school is catching national attention. and one decadelong radio pramay have to end. next. stay with us. -- practice may have to end.
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>> there is new backlash against the school prayer movement that started 20 years ago and that is called so you at the pole. students meet at the flag pole to pray before classes. a florida minister is refusing to stop doing it even after legal action. >> reporter: students and volunteers gather underneath this flag pole to pray every monday morning. despite legal threats from a prominent atheist and agnostic organization, the pastor in charge said he's in the letting up. around noontime, it's no surprise to find a cluster of kids hanging around the playground. one parent was shocked when they found out some of the youngsters spend their monday mornings praying on clay hill elementary school property. >> from the school board, i'm told there is no policy. >> reporter: russell baptist church pastor ron baker leads students through his path of praise. >> and this is about the children in the school and all of the employ ease. praying for them for a dead day
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-- a good day and a safe day. that is all we do. >> reporter: now, a national group, freedom from religion foundation is stepping in calling the sessions unconstitutional. >> the school should not be a how long grownup pastors to come by the school and pray at children and on a weekly basis. >> reporter: the school superintendent and attorney recently asked baker to cease the session while the legal threat loomed. >> our schools are for education, not for religious devotions to be taken over by missionaries and evangelist who are preying on the captive audience school children. >> reporter: baker won't give in. >> in this area, my opinion is god and country runs each. you may level with that or tinker with it, but there is going to be an -- [ indiscernible ] >> how about an avalanche of pumpkin pie and this is a giant
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pull ken. the one who opens it is get letting us -- who owns it are letting us get a look. take a guess at this, how much it weighs? >> 700. >> 800 pounds. that is a good guess. he planted it with seeds from a bigger pumpkin and that then grew 30 pounds a day. the only downside, everyone's tired of him showing off pictures of his prize. and new turkey. and one is about to become a star. farmers are waiting for the invitation to the white house turkey pardon and takes a special turkey to make it to the white house. it has to be well-behaved and must like people, whichever gets picked will make the road trip and have a short stay in a private hotel and you can see president reagan in a long list of presidents to take fun at the white house. >> and that must be well- behaved. >> can you imagine the tourney? -- . >> and can you imagine the
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turkey relaxing in a big posh hotel room? >> no. >> and something, you know? >> and beautiful weather today. a lot of folks are taking themselves and the kids out to the pumpkin patch. >> and a great day to do it and i do apologize. you be what? the sun is out there and there nice look there and there is some clouds coming on through and nothing that is going to put a damp on the weekend that we're able to enjoy, which is wonderful. so, tonight, how far, temperatures are take a dip -- however, temperatures are going to take a dip. very pleasant, though, as we move to the end of the weekend for sunday. temperatures are going rise and we'll so a significant drop in the daytime highs and as well, some changes in the week ahead and my five-day forecast. but, we had a really, really nice day and some temperatures were not too far off of the mark. on the range from florida and 6
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degrees cooler than they should have been for the average high. 62 at national airport. we had 59 at dulles and 60 degrees at baltimore airport. right now, under the sunshine, it's 56 at dulles and 57 at national airport; 56, baltimore; 55 for fredericksburg and to the west, 59 at cumberland and hagerstown and 56 at martinsburg. we have cool conditions for tonight from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the morning. temperatures into the 30s for the west and we have a frost advisory that includes shenandoah and hardy counties as well and that ends at 9:00. if you're in that area, protect the plants and get them over and this is that time of the year when this happens. the warmer air to the south and mid-sections of the country will move into the beginning part of the week and we'll see a cooldown as the frontal system pushes through. be prepared for. that increasing clouds into the course of the night and we'll
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see some partly cloudy skies. not too bad. jet stream is to the north of us. we're benefitting from the nice ridge of high pressure building in and a few clouds tomorrow. the ridge will hold a sunny day with a few clouds and the high tomorrow, 65. our overnight low tomorrow night and 47 degrees will be a little bit warmer than tonight. and so for tomorrow, the temperatures into the low to mid-60s and that is everywhere and this is a look at the day planner for you and into some early morning hours, we'll be 60 degrees by midday and 63 by the 5:00 hour and for tonight, then, becoming partly cloudy, chilly at 42 and the far northwest, again, hardy shenandoah, the counties veried -- considered as well under a frost advisory and the televisions in the 30s. sunny and pleasant at 65 and this is a look at the forecast. chaps into wednesday and that is the result of the frontal
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system and that is moving through monday and is moisture- starved. the next front will come through into wednesday and looks look we'll have a 50% chance of wet weather on wednesday, the same on thursday and look at the real significant drop in the temperatures. as i said, changes, we're heading from the 70s to the upper 50s by the end of the week. it's a good indication of where we are in fall. >> and that new seems like winter is knocking on the door. >> yes, it's slowly coming in. >> fast. >> and thank you, gwenn. all right. a local college football team hopes to leave fans happy on homecoming. john beck is an nfl starting quarterback again. what make this time different? dave ross is next with sports.
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>> hello, everybody. dave ross with you. tomorrow, it begins. the john beck era and his fate may be linked to that of the entire team. if beck makes the transition from backup to starter, the skins may be able to jump start the offense and, us this, get back in the win column. the first test comes tomorrow at carolina and that is his fifth career start. the first came back in 2007 with the miami dolphin and that time was winless and finished one in 15. beck is getting the rare tune, a second chance to -- rare opportunity, a second chance to make a rare first impression. >> the situation that i stepped in as a rookie was a difficult one. we're winless, you know, the organization was through a lot
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of struggles. that year, we were 0-mean error error and this -- 0-9 and this is still the beginning part and this team has a good feeling about it, when we're together and on game day, we feel good about the situation. that is different than the one was in. >> and this is the sunday lineup here on fox 5. what a day it is in sports. the redskins and panthers kick off the coverage at 1:00 p.m. and followed by the packers and viking at 4:15 and game 4 of the world series tomorrow night and the cardinals and ragers, the first pitch of 8:05 and throw away -- and cardinals and rangers. the first pitch at 8:05. >> and boston college came calling. the first possession and stepping up. watch him go and 35 yards down to the hokey and that is not how they thought was going it going to go and down the sideline with the block, 42
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yards and virginia particular in control, 30-14 in the fourth quarter. homecoming on the hill. georgetown hosting colgate and no score and with that quick out to davis and he's going to get everyone. looks like he's down and is not. keeps the balance. 67 yards down the sideline and how about that? and 7-0 at that point and georgetown would roll from there. nick campanella in the second quarter gets it in from one yard out and georgetown wins 40- 17, the victory cling be winning season, the -- clenching the winning season. and the fourth one of the season, that is big. the bisons won three games in the last three years. congratulations to howard. >> and right now, maryland is trailing at florida state and they're down by 10 points, by 14 points in the fourth
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quarter. and to hockey now. every time the caps hit the ice, more and more history is being made and that is because they have not lost this season and that is -- in the friendly confines and looking for then with at home and in philadelphia, with when he was very, very good and with that win over the flyers and with this shot to the face and the cats were undeterred and with that win. they come falling and so far, he likes the play and their attitude. >> and they're getting vested in what we're doing and they coming off and look at the bench. live we're matching lines, ooh do i have to change or not? and that is the important thing and we're doing it together,
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which is good. >> and game three of the world series on fox 5. the cardinals and rangers as we go back to texas tonight. the first pitch at 8:05 and hope for no rain in texas to get this in. >> before. >> and it has. they have activity going there. >> oh, no. could be a late night for us. >> yeah. >> and exciting time for the caps. >> yeah. >> and on the line for mr. beck. >> the skins win tomorrow, everyone will be happy. >> yeah. >> we'll see you tonight after game 3. =f
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